Celebramos el Día de la Bandera

El coro de la escuela cantando CARNAVALITOS:

Los cuartos le cantan a nuestra bandera:

Los alumnos de CUARTO AÑO entonaron la canción SUBE de Victor Heredia. Los docentes queremos felicitarlos por el esfuerzo y la dedicación puestos en la práctica instrumental (metalofones, flautas), destacando el haber sido ejecutados por primera vez por estos niños.

Para guardar el archivo completo con la entrada de las banderas:

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Para guardar el archivo completo con la canción de los CUARTOS AÑOS:

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con la escuela Shepherd Elementary en North Carolina USA

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Nina said…
Hello everyone from the USA. I never was there (in the USA). But I want to go there! I hope I can go some day. I was born in Ireland, lived in Switzerland, and now I am in Argentina.
Posted on 6/8/2009
Nico said…
Hola!!! I’ m Nicolas. I’m good in the school. I m good in soccer. I have 1 girl friend. Have you girl(boy)friends? I love Ripstic and sports. What is you favourite sport?
Posted on 6/8/2009
Gaston said…
Hi I am Gaston Who is first in the soccer position chart?The best is Los Angeles
Posted on 6/8/2009
Mica and Cyn said…
Hello we are MICA and CYN! We are from the Goethe School. Here we eat asado, empanadas and drink mate!!!!!!!! What do you like eating? And we like eating ICE CREAM very much!!!!
Posted on 6/8/2009
Marco said…
Hi I´am Marco Do you like skating? I love skating. Do you Like Ripcurl or Billabong? I love the Usa because the Mini Skates (Tech Deck) are very cool and cheap. And I love the SKATE PLACES in the USA. I love the music Band GUN´S N´ ROSES
Posted on 6/8/2009
Maren and Angie said…
Hello everyone!!!!!! Here is it very could. We are rebilding a new wing for more students. They come from Germany. We have a lot of subjects. English, German, Spanish, Gymnahstik, Sciens. Our uniform is green and white and the sport uniform is gray. Every day we can buy eat in our Kiosk. Byy!!!
Posted on 6/8/2009
Meli and Sofi said…
Hola!!!(HELLO) We are the best of the school!!!!!!!!! We have a boy friend. He is so beautiful …. we love the music of reggeton !!!!!! we love the clotes from 47 Street,Scombro,Muaa and Como quieres que te quiera.We like go shopping !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted on 6/8/2009
Andres said…
Hello children of USA. I am Andres. Do you like tennis? I like it. How is Obama? Is he good? I love Usa because they have good Technik. By, Andres
Posted on 6/8/2009
Manu  said…
Hello! My name is Manu! It`s very funny to talk to you in the USA! I am in the class 6.6 and 6d. My favourite Subject is sport! We play everyday soccer and tag in our brake. Here we listen Acdc, Green day, U2 and Red hot chilli peppers. It`s very nice! The bell is going to ring! Goodbye!
Posted on 6/8/2009
Stephan said…
I’m Stephan. I am good in soccer. I have 4 girlfriends . I love skateboarding . I am the best skater in the school. In soccer my favourite position is 7.
Posted on 6/8/2009
Guillermo said…
Hi! Do you play soccer in the free time? What time does the school finish?
Posted on 6/8/2009
Patrick said…
hi how are you do you like Usa and soccer
Posted on 6/8/2009
Male said…
Hi! how are you? Who are your friends? What are your favourite animals?and your favorite colour?my favorite animal is the dog,the cat and the horse and my favorite colour is green.how your sister and brother?how is you pet?
Posted on 6/8/2009
Matias said…
Hello I am Matias, Do you play soccer?I love playing soccer! Who is first in the soccer position chart?I love Los angeles!
Posted on 6/8/2009
Theresia said…
Hi everyone!Now I live in Argentina,but before I lived in Germany. And even before that,I lived in New York.Sometimes I wish I were back, but its good living here too!