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“They’re just like you.”

Have you ever from Colegio Goethe on Vimeo.

Vamos aprendiendo con las videoconferencias, hablamos en otro idioma, nos vamos conociendo mejor con chicos de otros países, conocemos sus gustos, sus costumbres… en este caso estuvimos hablando sobre lo que nos gusta y lo que no nos gusta y descubrimos que hay muchas coincidencias…

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Students at Salisbury Academy recently learned they aren’t that different from their peers in Argentina.

Both sets of middle school students dislike homework, love chocolate and have mixed feelings about pop star Justin Bieber.

Students in Yasmin Lozano Harris’ eighth-grade Spanish class talked face-to-face with students at Colegio Goethe in Argentina during class Monday through Skype, free video conferencing software.

The class of 14 students practiced their Spanish, expressing their likes and dislikes to their new friends.

“They are learning English right now and they are as stressed as you are,” Harris told the class before they connected to Colegio Goethe. “People who learn a foreign language make mistakes, making mistakes just puts you one step closer to learning a language.

“They’re just like you.”

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America, a word, different meanings for students in USA and Argentina.

América, una palabra, diferentes significados para chicos en Estados Unidos y Argentina

¿A qué nos referimos cuando decimos que la palabra América tiene diferentes significados en Estados Unidos y en la Argentina?