Diesmal DEUTSCH!

Warum lernen Kinder in einer Schule in den USA DEUTSCH?
Das war unsere Frage vor der Videokonferenz…

Warum Deutsch? from Colegio Goethe on Vimeo.

Miss Tripp, die Lehrerin, schreibt in ihrem Blog nach der Videokonferenz:
My students have been learning German this year, so we connected with a class that speaks German but is learning English. I think my students were a little timid and shy in sharing their German. It was their first time in doing anything like this, but I know with practice and more experiences like this will help them grow in their abilities. Its interesting that even a continent away, the children are still alike in so many ways! They always have the same curiosities of music, activities, food, and sports. My class got to even introduce one of their latest “crazes,” the silly bands. My students thought it was so cool that the students of Argentina had never heard of them.

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